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I suggest these resources for education about, and assistance in recovering from, depression, anxiety, chemical addictions, alcohol reduction, ADHD, grief, and more. There is no affiliation between Pathways to Success and these resources.

Mental Health

What is Anxiety? Self-Help Strategies and Toolkit

Depression information and help

Helping a person with depression

Bipolar disorder

National Institute of Mental Health

Self-Help for Managing Adult ADD/ADHD site with a wide variety of practical information

Meditation and Relaxation

Re-wiring Your Brain for Happiness: Research Shows How Meditation Can Physically Change the Brain

Jon Kabat-Zinn: The Prescription is Meditation

Meditation Linked to Happiness

Meditation: An Introduction

Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration

Dr. Lynn Johnson's Enjoy Life!  free downloads for relaxation training

Addiction and Alcoholism

Rethinking Drinking  "Check your drinking pattern, see signs of a problem, get tools to make a change"

Alcoholics Anonymous  Worldwide information, online meetings

Smart Recovery  non-12-step self-help groups

The Institute for Addiction Study

Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration

“Self Management Tool Box”

Just for Kids

Al-Anon for families and friends of alcoholics

Al-Anon Utah area information

Al-Anon electronic meetings
online and telephone meetings


TeenTalk sample of Alateen quarterly publication

The Brain and Neurochemistry

Adult ADHD Self-Assessment ADHD symptoms are often mistaken for a stressful life

Frontline: Inside the Teenage Brain
a must-see site for parents

Neuroscience for Kids

The Brain from Top to Bottom Award-winning site on the brain & human behavior


Gottman Method Couples Therapy

Marriage, dating, stepfamily info, classes, events; legal and financial

Should I Keep Trying to Work It Out?  Guidebook for those considering divorce

Cognitive Therapy

What is Cognitive Therapy

The Structural Model of Cognition

What We Think Creates Our Experience

Irrational Beliefs How to Recognize & Refute Them.

Pinpointing Nasty Cognitions

A-B-C Mood Log

Self-Help Toolkit for Anxiety

“Six Simple Habits That Defeat Anxiety”

Cognitive Model of Anxiety

Anger Management

Grief, Loss, and Support

Twelve Freedoms of Grief

The Sharing Place A Grief Support Program for Children

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