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How I Work

Counseling is a team effort. You provide expertise about your life experience, challenges, and goals.
I have experience, education, and resources to:

  • identify what is creating or contributing to your challenge(s),
  • identify what skills, education, or resources are needed, and
  • teach skills, provide information, and
through the process of therapy, help you meet your goals.

You are connected with your family, friends, and business associates. When you change, the balance shifts in each system of which you are a member - family, friends, work, school. I take this into account and help prepare you to appropriately cope with others' responses as you change.  I suggest how you can help others understand and support you better. When appropriate and with your approval, I may suggest you invite significant others to attend some therapy sessions. You always have the choice of whether or not to include others.

My Training and Treatment Philosophy

I chose a Marriage and Family Therapy training program for its Systems Theory orientation. With Systems Theory, if I'm going to understand your challenges in life, I have to consider the influence of your significant relationships past and present. I also use information from Cognitive Therapy and other theories. has more information about Systems Theory.

I'm excited by the science of my profession. Studies of the brain and mind-body-spirit medicine are making mental health treatment more effective every day. Your therapy may incorporate mindfulness, meditation practice, or relaxation training.  

Initial Contact

Before you make an appointment, I like to have a brief phone contact.  I'll ask you to very briefly tell me the nature of the problem for which you're seeking assistance. I also ask if you have any questions for or about me.

In our first meeting I'll ask you to share why you're seeking help now and whatever you think is important for me to know. If you want guidance, I will ask questions to help you. In the first meeting, time permitting, I plan to ask:
  • how the challenge is affecting you emotionally and physically
  • how long you've been affected by it
  • who is supportive of you
  • if spirituality or religion is important to you and if it is a positive influence
  • what you do for fitness, relaxation, fun, socially
  • some history about the family in which you were raised
I ask what your goals are for therapy. At the end of the session, I'll give you feedback on how I envision us proceeding, and I ask for your feedback. Sometimes more than one session is necessary to gather all the initial information.

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